An Ode to Toast

Erica • Chef and wife. Mom to a 15 month old. Mom to a little jellybean on the way.
I know this has nothing to do with anything really, but I just wanted to express my love for toast and how it has been here for me through my whole pregnancy. 
First, when I couldn't keep anything down in the first trimester, and toast was so kind and gentle to my vomitous stomach. 
In the middle of pregnancy when I was too picky and toast was so versatile with its many options-- butter, jam, sandwiches, peanut butter, plain, French toast. So many options for someone who only wants one thing and has no idea what it even is. 
And now, in the third trimester, when I want to eat half a loaf of bread worth of toast and it doesn't judge me for being so hungry. And the cleanup from toast is so small, that my waddling butt can sit down and not worry about making a mess everywhere. ❤️