Reason to be concerned?

Susie • 14 years old, 9 months ❤️
I'm a pregnant teenage mom, who lives with her father. Back in 07, he got into a bad accident and got a settlement for almost 300,000 dollars. He blew threw that within a year. He now gets disability checks for 1,400 dollars a month, but we seem to struggle at the end of the month. I've talked to several adults and they still seem to make it through, even with some extra money here and there.. He made me use a gift card I got for my baby shower to buy groceries, which I really wasn't that upset about until I had a conversation with someone about it. They make that much in a month, except they have a house payment and a car payment and still make it. I'm just wondering where all of his money is going, and it makes me really sad that I have to lie about having any money from my baby shower because I'm saving it for when the baby needs something.. I'm starting to wonder if he has a problem I don't know about, because the last two weeks of the month we are broke. I would get a job, but I'm only 14 and pregnant, as well as a full time student. It just makes me want to cry. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be great..