sister has s big mouth

britt • mommy to one preemie on earth and three angels in heaven and finally got my rainbow baby :}
I'm extremely pissed, I never got along with my sisters especially the oldest one and I'm the second oldest! Because of her my parents turned backs on me when I was 19 and pregnant! now out of no where she tells my dad im pregnant and I haven't told ANYONE!( just DH of course) and a month ago she went and told my dad I was pregnant when I was no where even close to it. idc what she has to say or anyone has to say about me being pregnant, im just so overwhelmed and stressed. Im afraid I will M/C again and the news is way too early! is it bad that I don't my dad I wasn't pregnant? will it jinx me? and I said no because I honestly need a place to live and no more stress