Miscarriage at 12 Weeks after an 8 Week strong hb at sonogram .


Hi ! My name is Dennise, I'm 42 yrs old, I have a 20 yr old and a 4 year old from my 10 year marriage. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, but now I'm a stay at home mom and have the privilege to finally get pregnant and fully experience motherhood instead of letting my mom take care of my children (which was also a blessing).

12 weeks ago I got pregnant. First pregnancy that I experience morning sickness, dizziness and very very sore breasts. I read this was actually very good during pregnancy. Took my prenatals, folic acid and ADH every day. At 8 weeks I got my first sonogram (picture below). Everything looked normal and baby had 180 hb, which I thought was high, but nurse assure me was normal. Was scheduled for a 12 weeks full testing appointment.

One night maybe around week 10 while sleeping I felt a very sharp almost staving pain in my lower belly. Woke up holding my belly, but was quickly won. I told my husband that it even felt like a dream. Weird enough all my pregnancy symptoms were gone after that.

At week 12 I took a short road trip to visit family before I was too pregnant. I arrived Friday and Sunday I was getting some brownish-redish discharge. I called the nurse and she said that was very normal at 12 weeks due to something with the placenta. I started reading every single forum and people said the same thing. You can have spotting or cramps, but to be concern if I had both.

Monday the discharge turned dark red. I was very scared, but since it was only when I wiped I stayed calmed. Nothing in my pad.

Tuesday it practically stopped, but now I was experiencing light cramps. In the middle of the night the cramps woke me up as they were much stronger. I asked my mom to buy me some epson salts to calm the cramps. Woke up in the morning to pee and a huge contraction brought me to my knees and my water broke. At this point I'm in shock, I'm angry and I burst to cry. I knew then a was having a miscarriage.

I run to the another bathroom and I fill up the tub with warm water and wait for my mom to come back. I try to hold on, but the contractions were so strong, I felt something come out. So I grab it. I was freaking out because I knew I was going to see a baby, but it was a huge piece of liver like tissue. I hand it over to my mom but she saw no baby. I probably had like 4 more pieces come out before the strongest contraction. They all looked the same...no baby. The last piece was the placenta and the pain was totally gone after that. I bled for maybe 5 days total just like a period.

It felt so unreal. My mom and I hugged and cried for what felt an eternity. I wasn't ready to see my baby, but not finding a baby was worst. I feel like I didn't got any closure. Then you have all this questions...what happened? What did I did wrong? Is my age? I'm too old now? My husband is heart broken! He thought this was the girl.

Can't wait to see my doctor....so many questions right now!

Did anyone had an experience like this were you never saw your baby miscarried even after a healthy 8 week heartbeat?

Sorry for the long post. Any feedback will be appreciated!