Heartbroken Once Again💔

My son's dad and I split up when I was 4 months pregnant. However he came back to me shortly after that and everything was perfect all over again. Recently he started communicating less and less and I asked him why. He stated that he told his mom we were no longer together and he wasn't talking to me. See when me and him first got together he wasn't allowed to date or have a girlfriend. I tried to go baby shopping with him it lasted a hour before his mom told him to come home. Then I asked him about going get the baby's stroller and car seat but of course his mom had something for him to do. Same thing with going get his crib. Then after this he started coming around more and things were normal again. Wednesday he ignored me all day only sending me a goodnight text. Yesterday he texts and asks if I'm ok and checks on the baby. I ask what's going on why am I being ignored now. He says he just needs to focus on school. His midterms weren't so good and his mom is upset. Now I'm 7 months pregnant and all alone one again. 💔