My fault

Late night argument with my husband.

Baby is crying for a bottle, I get up to use the bathroom and make one. Baby is still crying. Husband gets up to go to the bathroom, comes back, lies down to go back to sleep.

I come in, and I'm like, could you not comfort him until I got back? He says, "well, I looked over at him."

So, I'm frustrated obviously. I mean I'm doing this 90% of the time. Anyways, I snap at him and his response is, "you're always such an asshole to me."

Really. I'm the asshole, making your breakfast, your dinner. Doing your laundry, making sure it's all folded and put away. Cleaning your house, your bathroom. Ensuring it's all taken care of...on top of taking care of our baby and still bringing home the same amount of money that he does. But I'm the asshole.

When I mention that I'm still doing 90% with the baby, his response is, well I won't do anything. How about that? So you're threatening me not to take care of our child?

So now, I guess I'll be in tears all day. And an asshole.