do I graduate or get ged?

So heres a little back story, i switched to online schooling when i was starting 10th grade. Within a month or so i was already months ahead. I was working on it at least 10 hours a day. Then all of a sudden they put me back in 9th grade because my old school "lost my files" my mother refused to fight it so i had no choice but to do it. After that, they switched what i was learning to things i honestly was never taught. I became so far behind. I am now 18, supposed to have graduated a year and a half ago. Im still so far behind. I havent opened my laptop in 3 months because i have two children, and im married. I lost all interest in school because no matter how hard i worked, it seemed like they would give me credit for it. I would turn in essays, and teachers would "never get them" i'd try to do school work and it somehow wouldn't be logged and i'd have to redo it. I was locked out of my account for days or weeks at a time and punished for it. I was raped before switching and soon after they put me back in 9th grade, i became severely depressed and had no one to help. My parents werent there for me, and honestly one monitered my school work to keep me on track. Now, im going through some depression, and troubles with medical things. Im wondering if i should attempt to graduate even though im so far behind (if they havent kicked me out already which im sure they have) or just drop out and get my ged.. please help me.