Does anyone else hate when this happens??

AnnMarie • Annie CarFawnYo
Okay, so my husband likes to be cute and playful, but sometimes he takes it too far, he likes to grab my tatas and slap my booty. Today, when I was standing next to him at his computer I asked him for a hug and he turned looked at me and grabbed and locked on to my breasts and held them way too tightly for about 5 seconds, by the time he let go my whole chest was in the worst pain imaginable!! I can't get him to stop I've asked him over 100 times but he doesn't seem to listen, I can't explain the pain to him because he always claims that "he didn't hurt me that badly" but how can he know how badly he did or didn't hurt me, after all it is me who's feeling the pain..?? Any suggestions on how to make him stop this...??