Soft Cup/Diva Cup help w/TTC??

Crystal • Child loss survivors currently trying Rx w/intercourse following removal of uterine septum, Endo, and fibroids.
I recently read about Stork OTC (pic posted below), a kit for performing at-home cervixal capping. It has received mixed reviews and the website admits it only has a 20% success rate. (This is no better than your chances of conceiving without help.) Apparently some must like it because it was recommended by my other <a href="">fertility tracker</a> app (Ovia). BUT it has received some bad reviews, & someone who wrote a review stated using menstral cups could work just as well. I am wondering if anyone has tried using menstral cups, like Soft Cup or Diva Cup following intercourse to aid the sperm with staying near the cervix. 
If you've done any research at all on cervical capping (or seen early episodes of "Masters of Sex") you will know cervical capping was an early-on remedy for infertility. Basically, a doctor would place a rubber cap in your cervix after inserting sperm into the vaginal canal. The cap would keep the semen as close to the cervical opening as possible to assist sperm in getting to the egg and keep it from leaking out or settling in other parts of the vagina canal.  
That's the theory behind the Stork OTC but it is really pricey (like $50-80 pricey, depending on where you buy it.) Additionally, the applicator self destructs after one use so you can't just buy refills of the caps and keep using the applicator. You would have to buy a new kit every month. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm spending a lot of money trying to get pregnant. An extra $65/month on average doesn't sound too appealing. 
I am wondering if a menstral cup could serve the same purpose. Has anyone tried it? I would think if you could get a cup up against your cervix right after intercourse it would help keep everything from leaking out and you could go about your business for a few hours after sex. I don't know about anyone else, but I always lie down with my legs elevated for at least 15-30 minutes after sex. Some say sperm can reach the egg in just a few seconds, but I've heard too many stories about women who honestly believe they got pregnant because they rested after. My best confidant who has been through this already swears laying on her back with her legs against the wall helped. With the cap (or cup), you could do the dance, insert the cup, and go on with your day. Any thoughts?