Advice on how to handle this situation..

My 3 year old screams when my dad specifically only when my dad talks to me.So my dad is staying at my house and he is very strict and he doesnt like when my son misbehaves so he gets mad at my son and scolds at him.When my dad plays with my 5 month old my son goes infront of my dad's face and tries to distract him by screaming or talking loudly.My dad says how i dont punish him or discipline him.I discipline my son but not infront of my dad.My dad grew up being hit and punished for anything.I know i shouldnt care what my dad says and its my son and everything.My husband and I talk,my son plays and does his thing.

So my question is could anyone just explain to me why he screams only when my dad talks to me or my husband?

Im just looking for any advice if you ladies have any experiences with your kids.Thanks in advance!