Am i just wierd

Idk why but everytime im pregnant when I'm tired I always send my bf or close family these long thank yous for putting up with me and how I know I'm a pain to deal with and how much I appreciate them in my life ect but i say ALL the sappy stuff i otherwise wouldn't have the balls to say.... its like the equivalent of being drunk without a filter but sober. Lol my bf finds it funny n cute cuz with him i also throw in random complaints and cry. Last time i cried for an hour cuz he made dinner and i couldnt eat hardly any of it and i was so hungry n nauseated but he didnt have to do all that for me cuz he works very hard all day for crappy pay with good perks. ANYWAYS! Am i just wierd or is this just hormones taking advantage of me? it only happens when I'm prego like baby comes and you can't get me to say that stuff I'll tell you I love you and give hugs but that's it.