I really don't know where to start

I really don't know where to start. So yesterday was my 39 week check up with my OB, while there they asked me if I wanted my cervix checked and I said sure why not. The moment I was checked my doctor told me I was 3 cms and since I've been having slight contractions I could head over to L&D. So I decided to leave my car parked in the garage and walk around the corner to the main hospital, while there I took the stairs to the second floor and stoped to eat lunch ( they hate to feed ppl 😂😂😬). Once I finished I walked up to the 5th floor to be observed, but after being in observation for 20 mins they decided to check me and by this time I was 5cms so Lord behold I was being admitted. My doctor told me that I can then walk around for a hour, which I did and then was checked shortly after that. By then I was 6/7 cms, so my doctor decided he wanted to surprise everyone in the room and broke my water. 😭😭😒 no sooner than he did that my contractions were coming full force and I had to shit lol sorry, once I went to the bathroom it was hell trying to get off the toilet to walk back to bed. I was in to much pain to cry and my SO was so scared he didn't know how to comfort me. After dealing with hardcore contractions for like 10 mins which felt like a lifetime I finally asked for the epidural. Holy shit that was the best thing I could've ever did, I was able to talk to my SO and doctor/nurses without being in pain and I was also able to relax. I still felt pressure but nothing major, but soon after the nurse rushed in the room and stated that baby heart beat was elevated and they needed to get it down. So my doctor came in and wanted to "check" me again, and the moment I opened my legs baby head was almost out. It happened so fast 3 pushes and 4 coughs later, we welcome Mahki Jace to our family weighing 8lbs and 11.6oz 21.5 inches long 😍😘🐻