isn't she being selfish?

This is the message I received from my friend. In the message she is talking about her child's father who is trying his hardest to be there and the fact that he did her wrong is allowing her to not want him around their child. She is currently pregnant with their first child. Here's the message........ "1 - 2 months old is wayyyy to young to take him OVERNIGHT especially when he has no experience with children and I'm 30 minutes away and he knows NOBODY where he lives his family is an hour from him. 2- a last name is earned through marriage and if he wasn't a disrespectful asshole maybe we'd still be engaged and then he wouldn't have to worry about visitation nor a last name. My son will have my last name because we aren't married and never will be . And him being in the room you already know I don't want him there but because of y'all imma let him be there but he got one time and I'm kicking him straight out"......... isn't she being very selfish and bitter acting?!? Oh let's not forget she got knocked up on purpose!! This is what she wanted! Well what she thought she wanted at least 🙄