So this happened at the store today

So me and hubby are back at ttc after we took a few months off due to crazy schedules. I went to the dollar store to pick up some ovulation tests, which always makes me feel like a slightly crazy person, especially when I walk around with half a dozen of them in my basket. Anyways, I get up to the register and only one was open, so there was a huge line. So as the girl is ringing up the tests one by one, I'm already feeling slightly uncomfortable due to all the people behind me, and I try to put them in my bag as soon as I can. Not that I'm embarrassed of getting them, but at the same time i feel like it's a private thing and not something I necessarily want to flaunt. Well, as the girl was ringing them up, she looks at me and says:"I just want to make sure you know these are ovulation and not pregnancy tests", to which I said thank you and yes I know. She smiles and goes: "wow, this is awesome! How exciting!". I just politely smiled and thanked her again, to which she goes:"well, have fun tonight! Also remember to take folic acid." At this point I can feel my cheeks turning red and I look back at the line of people and they are all just staring at me 😂 as embarrassing as it was, it's kinda neat that a stranger was excited about me ttc and that she cared enough to give me advice and make sure I knew about folic acid.
Kinda made my day and wanted to share with everyone 😊