Rant. Please Read.

It really upsets me when some of us really needs an answer to a question, (I mean why else would we ask it?) and it'll get a 100 views with 0 responses. If you have enough time to read something, you have enough time to reply and help a sista out. If I read something, even if I don't know the exact answer, I still respond leaving positive feedback so they know someone is at least paying attention to them.
So let me try my question one more time. Have any of you ladies had your boyfriend/husband sucking your nipples and tasted something leak out of them, and then find out you're pregnant a few days later? I've had a couple negative hpt's but today he swore, twice, that something came out. I know it's possible even if you're not pregnant, but that's NEVER happened to me before. Any thoughts? Could I be pregnant?