am I scared or my intuition is kicking in

Hey everyone. So I been dating this guy for two months, everything has been going well. I recently met his family and he met mine. We had sex for the first time on New Years. Now hers the thing. Idk if I'm making things up in my head or is my intuition kicking in. So when I left his house yesterday he made sure to kiss me before we stepped outside. He got into his car and me in mine. He always tells me we're he's going.  But yesterday was different he didn't. I assumed he went to see his daughter because it was New Years but later in I asked him did he see her he said no. I said oh I thought when you left me that's where you went he said no and we left it there. 2nd thing yesterday I called and text him it took him 5 hrs to get back to me. That's not like him. He eventually got back to me said he took theraflu pm and he fell asleep he was home all day. Now this morning I called him when I woke up and he was driving somewhere. I said where you headed to he said to Connecticut. I didn't want to ask what's in connecticut so I said oh ok. Then I said what are your plans today he said going to be in Ct for a couple of hrs then heading home. Now should I call him to see if he will answer or should I just leave it alone?  Am I afraid of commitment or are my intuitions trying to tell me something?