Birth control question

So I am on the pill. I have been taking it everyday at the same time. Sometimes I would miss a pill but will take it as soon as I remembered. Me and my boyfriend are long distance. He came to visit me and we had sex the whole week he was here. We never used a condom and when he did cum, it was in me. When he was here I kept forgetting to take the pill. I would always take it hours late. Which I hope it doesn't make to big of a difference. So when he left, I stopped taking the pill because I ran out. So when I stop taking the pill I usually get my period a couple days later. Well, it day 4 and I still haven't gotten my period. I was wondering if there would be a huge change of pregnancy? I know there is always a chance but I'm just curious. I also have PCOS. Please answer and give me your honest input. Thanks