Possible Trigger

So I've been reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I realize yes Christian and Ana have a somewhat abusive relationship. He's constantly telling her what to do and expecting her to just go with it. And if my fiancé did that we'd have broken up long ago. However, some things like asking for approval before seeing certain male friends (specifically Jose who did assault her) kind of makes sense to me. I mean I don't ask, I tell, but he protests I'm not opposed to talking it out with him (something Ana fails to do quite often 🙄). And the stuff about making sure she eats and gets exercise, I do that with my boyfriend, and I honestly don't take issue with it when he does it back because we are making sure we both stay healthy. I admit Christian does treat her like property sometimes and that's not cool. He also asks her to not dress scantily but my fiancé also does that and then we talk about it (Ana doesn't fucking talk! Ugh) and come to a compromise. And going out alone as a woman can be dangerous. I've grown up watching my father not let my mom leave the house alone once it's dark because shit happens and he wants to protect her. I don't know I know that Fifty Shades isn't like relationship goals but I feel like people overestimate how controlling Christian actually is. I feel like Ana just let's it happen. Like bitch stand up for yourself! 
Am I the only one? Share your thoughts! Or if you have anything to share on abusive relationships share that too!