Something to hold on to*

Marissa • TTC since 2/2016. Diagnosed with PCOS. 👼🏻Mmc at 9 weeks Jan/2017. Pregnant with our rainbow 🌈 due Feb/2018.
I wanted to share a prospective a friend of mine shared with me who has also suffered a miscarriage. She said she believes that spirits who are meant to be born onto earth will be. So even though the body of our children may have passed, the spirit is still alive and will be born back to our family or to another family when it's ready. One of the hardest parts about my miscarriage was not being able to comprehend that this was goodbye forever. Never could I hold, love, and raise this child. But thinking that maybe this same child's spirit could be born into our family if we get pregnant again has given me hope that it's not going to be forever. I hope this may give someone out there the glimmer of hope and comfort that it gave to me. ❤️