Degenerative Disc Disease or Arthritis

I have degenerative disc disease, which is basically bad arthritis in my spine. I was diagnosed a couple years ago and at that time, the doctor saw that I had 2 pretty badly herniated discs. One of the discs was so bad that it was leaving absolutely no room for my nerves to travel down my spine so I was in horrible pain 24/7. My doctor was actually amazed at how little I let my condition affect every day life for myself because he said that he has seen MANY others with the same issue and they couldn't even stand, much less walk and workout. Anyway, I had surgery in 2015 for the disc that was really bad and he ended up leaving the other one alone because it seemed to have hardened, so it shouldn't cause me any worse problems. I'm just curious if anyone else has this issue and how you have handled it with pregnancy! I am 8 week and 5 days. My doctor said I would be perfectly fine to carry a baby, I just might be in more pain than most women would be with all the weight on my already damaged spine.