I love my boyfriend 😍

Today me and my boyfriend were just talking amd goofing around and just having fun. And turns to me and says, you know I've been thinking for a while about how if I were to ask you to marry me what would I do. He then goes on and says that it would be in front of my favourite roller-coaster and he would be holding a old boot and he would get down on one knee and say: I know life is like a roller-coaster,unpredictable and full of ups and downs but there isn't anyone I would want to spend my life with except for you. He said he would then hold out the boot with dirt filling it up amd the ring be on top. The boot would refer to the movie Wall-E and the plant in it signifying a new life/start (Wall-E is kind of our movie haha if there is such a thing). It made my heart melt 😍 I know it's cheesy but that's us haha. I love him so much 😍😍 And I know we aren't going to be getting engaged anytime soon, due to me trying to finish university, but it was just amazing to hear what he said and that even though he doesn't believe in having a paper to tell him who he loves he would do that because he knows how much I value the idea of marriage. Haha sorry for the rant but I just needed to tell someone this