Accidentally did it on my ovulation day!

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My husband and I use NFP to avoid. But now that we're in an affordable apartment, and that I have a job, and that my husband had to put off his intensive Masters degree off for 2018-2019 year and not this next year, we've been considering having a kid soon.
Well 4 days ago we were on a the last Green Day that usually says 7% chance. My husband said he was okay with risking it, since we both really want babies and can actually afford them perhaps. Well after I put in that I had sex, all of a sudden my green days flipped and it said I was actually ovulating that day. After our move and a cold my CM temp and CM has been a tiny bit off, so I was relying on glow being accurate based on my 2 years of logging (it's been fine during my other colds that have messed with my temp and CM before).
However, I've never had this jump happen before. What extra can I look out for with pregnancy? When is the earliest I can test 9dpo? 10dpo? I have lupus and am approved for pregnancy, but my doctor told me that I would need to contact him at the first notice of pregnancy because I'd be high risk and need to get referrals for a high risk OB ASAP. I know I'm getting ah read of myself, but it'd be essential for both my and my possible babies health and safety.