social phobia?

The other day my anxiety got so bad that when I was walking up town (it was fairly dark out) and I usually have my headphones in, to block the noise and the world out, to focus on the song rather than the people, but my phone had died, there was a man coming towards me, just walking, and I completely froze, having nothing else to focus on, so I walked in front of the middle of the road as I was so scared and just wanted to get away, but there was a car coming and I almost got hit :( honestly I don't know if it's social phobia or what, but I literally hate people, I feel like everyone is judging and staring at me, I feel sick before leaving the house :( the only way I can do it is by listening to my music, which probably isn't the safest idea late at night 😭 Any ideas girls? :( I also feel massively sick before a social event, or having to give a presentation, worry about it before, during and after, and I refuse to eat in front of people, which is not good when I'm on a 12 hour shift having not eaten anything 😩