Don't give up!

To the ladies thinking about quitting. Hopefully this is inspiring you you!
Quick back story on me(got a little long sorry). In the hospital LO had a hard time latching so they gave me a nipple shield. It was too small and gave me bruises making nursing hurt SOO bad! First night home I broke down and gave him an oz of formula because I literally could not, for even one more second, let him nurse on me! Next morning I called the lactation consultant and made an appt. she said baby needs his tongue clipped. Made an appointment and got it done. I was tired of the shield so I weaned him off. Bad idea. He then didn't like to use the shield, but his latch hurt so bad it had me in tears more times than I can count. Month goes by and I make another appointment with the lc because I have to go back to work and it HURTS to nurse still - at 2 months of age. She said his tongue needs to be clipped AGAIN! Made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor. He clipped it. Lc said that since he's been nursing wrong so long it might take some time for it to feel good. 
Point to my story. It's been 2 and a half months and nursing is just now finally going good. I was to cry because I'm so happy. I now LOVE to nurse my son. It's way better than having to get my pump out and clean the parts after every use. 
Keep at it. Use your lc. It will get better!