Weight loss struggle

So recently I've realized just how much weight I've gained, You see I used to live in an area where I walked a mile or two everyday and I moved last year into an area where I cant walk and go places that much.

And after a year of the same meals and fats that never touch me before due to the exercise is now making an appearance. .

I'm only 15 and I know im over weight, I try to not look in the mirror at myself or at my body and my confidence has dropped, the thing is my mom has noticed as well..

She's been trying to get me out and going to the gym and I know she is worried about me I mean im 15 and I wear a 2x tshirt..

Im trying to work out again and walk places but Its really hard.

Im trying to cut back on the sweets and cut back my food intake, when I was little I would always get myself too much food but when i got full my eldest brother always made me finish it because there are other kids starving so instead of getting less food I kept getting the same amount because i was 6 and stupid and when I got full I just kept eating due to guilt.

That has stuck with me for 10 years and im still trying to stop..

Anyways is there anyone else who has maybe done this or is currently trying to lose weight? I mean i know there is but anyone want to lend some inspiring words to one another?

Below is a pic of me when i was trying on costumes last halloween, it was the only body pic i have.