I want to have a baby. :(

Lotoya • I`m a first time mom and loving motherhood !
Im 19. & I want a baby :((. I kmow still kinda young. but I work two jobs . im independent ans responsible.enough. I've volunteered in daycares , schools . everywhere just to satisfy my urge for having my own baby at this moment. but nothing really works. I love the kids ive worked with but nothing beats raising your own :(. Me and my boyfriend had a miscarriage last summer in August after being two weeks along. I was devastated. it happend right beside him in the car. Ever since then I've just been anxious to be a mom and carry a child into this world. I just never got over it. I know im still young and a baby Is a whole lot of responsibility but I'd sacrifice for my child any day . I've cared and helped raise two of my sisters . What do I do? How do I explain to him about my void :( ?