What to do

I just found out someone is pregnant. This sevrely upsets me for many reasons. First this girl just recently turned 21 and is kind of a wild child. Second she has inly been dating the father about 2 months. Third she has issues with long term commitment. My third point is what bothers me the most. Here's an example she got a puppy and he was cute and great but as he grew and became a full size dog and wasn't the super cute puppy and not super playful anymore she gave it away. She has also done this with a number of cats when they are no longer the cute kittens. I am worried about the baby she is bringing into the world. I know young people can be great parents that doesn't worry me but what about when things get hard like the baby is sick or crying all night? Those are the parts of motherhood that aren't what some call " cute". Is she going to freak out and try to dump the baby off on family and babysitters because it's not " fun" anymore? Am I horriable to think she's that iresposable? I am nuts to worry now before the baby is even here?  Is it wrong to have these fears for a baby I will most likely never see since this girl is just a friend of a friend? These thoughts are causing me a lot of stress and I could use some advice or tips to help!