Please be brutally honest!

Sin • 31 years old, mother of 2 beautiful girls, a handsome boy, and stepmom to a beautiful teenager. Married for 11 years
So I've been using Glow since November, mostly for period tracking and to find out if I know my body as well as I think. (I can usually tell when I think I'm ovulating by symptoms) but I'm finding my symptoms land earlier on my green week on glow than on the day Glow says it probably is. My cycles for the past few months have varied between 27 to 31 days. I already have 2 daughters and a step daughter. I have always wanted to try one more time for a son but my husband doesn't. I pretty much gave up on wanting number 4 (my third) we have been relying on the pull out method for 2 years or so and everything has been fine. On CD 7 of my current cycle, he didn't pull out in time. I thought ovulation occurs 14 days after the end of the period, but after I started noticing how sore my breasts are, that I have heartburn and I got dizzy ( all three were first signs with my other two daughters) I started researching and found out that ovulation is usually 14 days after the first day of the period, not the last. Today is cycle day 11. Its way too early for sore breasts to be pms. I've only ever had soreness during pregnancy anyhow. 
​Now my question: isn't it too soon to have symptoms if the baby dance was only 4 days ago? :/