Pregnant and weird story

Hello. So I am 21 weeks along in my pregnancy. Me and my boyfriend met online and decide to go on a date. Things hit off so well then we decided to get in a real relationship a few weeks later. Well I ended up moving in with him within the first two months and then also found I was pregnant. I was about 3 weeks along and when I told him he was like yeah we will figure this out and stuff. Well when I was about 7 weeks he and I were arguing and he wanted me to get an abortion. I had gotten two prior. I didn't want to go through that again. So I kept the baby and we decided to work on our relationship. Well we got into an argument again about us not working so I left. After about a week of living in different households we decided to go out on that weekend and figure what was wrong. Well we talked and things we figured it out but I told him I wanted to give him space and I have mine. Well a month or so past and it was Christmas. He picked me up and I stayed with him until Jan 4th. That whole time we were doing so great. Well the day came I told him I wanted to go back to my place and he kinda looked sad. And said he missed me and wished things were different. Well I ended up moving back in. However no I feel like its just going to get worse and he is going to try and get with someone else. I know cordite that cheating is not in his nature and he wouldn't do it but Ive been cheated on before and it scares me. He tells me everything he does. When he gets out of class/work and when hes on his way home I know his schedule. And lately he has been so lovey dovey. Today I went out with a friend and came back waited for him to get off work and when. He arrived he says "Hey honey how was shopping? Can I have a kiss? " and he kisses me and then kisses my belly. This is awkward behavior for him. Now, lately I have been thinking about adoption and I haven't talked to him about it yet. I know it sounds selfish but we are not ready for a baby. I'm 20, he's 26 and we are both in school chasing our career goals. Now mind you I want this baby, but not ready. He wanted me to get an abortion yet is so interested in what the baby looks like and kissing and rubbing my belly. What do I do? Is it just me freaking out on my horomones or what?