It's a girl!

Kristen • My daughter Mia was due June 14th but came April 2nd. She's an amazing lil fighter and I'm in love 💖
So the good news is I've finally been told the sex of my baby and I'm having a girl! I was so excited during my appointment I could barely contain myself. The appointment was about an hour long cause my daughter refused to uncross those legs to reveal her gender. The nurse kept laughing and saying how stubborn our little one was (hey least she was acting a lady with those legs crossed 😊) but all jokes aside after we found out the sex she says she had one last thing to look at on the baby but couldn't get a good view so she called in the doc and as he zooms out on the ultrasound he then proceeds to tell me and my husband my cervix is a lil dilated and we need to take a sample of the fluid surrounding my baby girl to make sure it's not infected then once we find that out that will determine whether or not I will lose my baby due to preterm labor or if there's no infection the doc explained I will need an emergency surgery right away and get stitched up down there to keep baby and sac inside for the rest of my term. I literally had a melt down right then and there (I had misscarried last July) so I was freaking out! I have had not ONE symptom of this and had I not had my 20 week check up I wouldn't have known and would have went into labor soon and definitely lost my baby. The doctors were shocked and puzzled how I had no symptoms and so was I, in fact I felt great this whole pregnancy not one complaint and I'm 20 weeks and 6 days today. Well I'm still in the hospital and I had no infection and my surgery went well and my doc said he is pretty confident i will carry my baby full term of 40 weeks but I am now on 5 month bed rest. My poor husband got a 2nd job few weeks ago cause I had owned my business but had to close shop last year and since then we been financially struggling majorly. I've been trying to trade in my car for a much cheaper safer one and we listed our house for sale few months back. I'm emotionally drained and just pray we will make it through this pregnancy and get to meet our baby girl while financially staying afloat. I'm not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me im just asking all u woman to please from the bottom of ur hearts pray for me and my family. Thanks for listening and good luck to u all may u all have a safe happy and enjoyable pregnancy.