Desiree • Due with my rainbow baby Aug 6th Derik J McMurray
So last night I revealed my pregnancy to the rest of my family who was in the dark and it couldn't have gone any better. At my grandmas birthday dinner there was a mysterious gift with a letter that said read me first. The letter was all about my grandma and how much she is appreciated and how if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have the honor of being a mother.(there are lots of women in my family) so it kind of threw everyone off but got everyone wondering who wrote the letter. Inside of the gift I put a pacifier and another note with it that said Happy Birthday you have another great grand child on the way. Love Lilly and Erik. 
She was so happy and even started crying(I haven't seen my nana cry since I was a little girl) so of course I started to cry and she just hugged me. It made my family so happy and we got blessing from everyone. It was such a magical moment and made me love being pregnant even more than ever. She was the first person to rub my belly besides my SO and said it's a girl <3 She's predicted every gender of every baby in the family so I have my fingers crossed! 
I'm just so incredibly happy :)