Do you truly think men and women are equal?

Mandi 😈💀 • Expecting #2 August '15!
I was just reading over Gunce's post about he women of the Silicon Valley, of which I am one. But this question is about women everywhere and not so much whether they are being treated differently, but more are they being treated appropriately. There is a perception of a glass ceiling that women can't rise above, but as women do we deserve that ceiling? 
I am asking honestly, because women have two choices, not have a family and become powerhouses, or have babies, spend time away from their career, and sometimes not return. Then, when we do return we expect the same treatment as someone (man or woman) who has been there the entire time. 
I am really torn on this subject, because I think it's unfair to promote, train, and really invest in women when they may leave at any point to start a family, especially between 25 and 35. I know this probably sounds really sexist, but I can't help but think that we as women are creating a glass ceiling for ourselves, if one exists, by choosing to have families. I'm not saying that's not unfair, but I really really think that most companies are afraid to hire and really invest in a woman in childbearing years because she could leave at any time, leaving the company high and dry with a temp or needing to hire another person, where men hardly ever do that. They leave because of better opportunities, not because they are staying home to raise babies. 
What do you think?

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