Is there something wrong with me ?

I'm 28 and I'm TTC. My period is very regular, I don't drink and I've never smoked in my life. My favorite hubby is belly dancing so I work out a lot, I try to eat as heathy as I can. As you can I try to do everything right. Me and my boyfriend have sex everyday (not just because we want a baby but because we love doing it ) I've tried for almost 4 months now and I get very depressed every time I get my period. I'm scare to death that I might not be able to have children that's the most horrible thing for me. I went to the doctor and he said everything was ok. But how can it be ok when I keep trying and I still don't have a baby ? I can see my boyfriend sadness in his eyes every time I tell him I have my period. And I just want to die 😢