If you've had multiple miscarriages and no explanation...

Melissa A • DS 4/6/06. DD rainbow 10/19/15. Pregnant w/ #3 due 10/3/18
Or multiple miscarriages and genetically normal fetuses, and doctors cannot find an answer why, or say its just "bad luck", there may be an answer for you in the field of "reproductive immunology".
​It's not terribly common to have an immune problem that causes miscarriages or secondary infertility. But if you are in the small category of "unexplained infertility" or "unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss", your immune system could be the answer. 
​I had one unexplained mc in 18 months of ttc and secondary infertility (my son is 8). I went through all the normal testing with my obgyn. She found no problems. I found a fertility specialist who is also a reproductive immunologist. He ran different tests. And found something wrong. If I didn't go to him and have him find this, I'd have very little chance of pregnancy, even with <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>.
​Now I have a treatment plan and have hope again!
​If you have any of the following, I urge you to seek out immunological testing:
​2 or more miscarriages
​Autoimmune disease
​Family members with autoimmune disease
​Secondary infertility
​Unexplained infertility
​The doctors I know of who do this testing can do it over the phone if you live far away. The best ones I know of are Dr Sher in Las Vegas (he has a great blog too at ivfauthority.com), Dr Braverman in NY, various Drs at the AE Beer center in CA/Chicago, and my dr, Dr Sami David in NYC.