Is she A good Friend ? 😑😂

One night I went to my Friends house we had a couple of drinks but not too much where we were drunk. This guy (Her Ex) Came over to chill, I'm pretty sure he was drunk. I smoked a cigarette and went upstairs proceeding to lie down but previously that day her friend Logan was flirting with me and I wasn't really feeling it because of course it was her ex but back to me coming upstairs. I went lay down on the bed by the wall.. I fell asleep I assume I hear moaning next to me and I slightly looked over and noticed that her and her ex were watching porn and he was fingering her! I just laid there acting as if I was asleep and he got on top and was fucking her, she was sitting right there like nothing was happening then I felt him trying to touch me. And that's when I got up and was like "wth is going on" . I got off the bed and left out the door, he exits out the door too but goes in the bathroom and she proceeds to follow him. I realize there was blood and he fucked her while she was in her period. How gross !? Me being her friend I was right there and it was as if she did not give two fucks.