Urgent advice !! 😭

My boyfriend and I started a relationship after a year he was separated from his ex wife. He left his ex wife because he caught her cheating. At first I didn't want to get involved with him because he wasn't divorced and he has an 8 year old son, it just seemed like it was too much. For some reason I ended up saying yes to him and we've been together for almost a year, we've never been happier and I have a great relationship with his son. He filed for divorce a few days ago because we want to get marry. The thing is that the lawyer told him that he couldn't be in a public relationship because she could use that to her advantage. He says he doesn't care if she takes everything from him but he wants me to be with him. 
The thing is I feel horrible should I've waited for him to get divorced before I started a relationship ? I just feel like I have to hide my love when I've never did anything to be ashamed of !! I don't want to cause him any problems. He keeps saying he will find a way but sometimes I feel like I have to stay way from him even though We love each other, what should I do ?