Effect of nutrition/diet on fertility

💕Jenny💕 • 11 years of infertility. 3 mscarrgs. Clomid, IUIs, expl lap. Gave up. Got preg by "accident" on low glyc diet. TTC #2
I used to think that people went overboard thinking that some diet was gonna get them pregnant. I was unable to become a mom for 11 years & had Clomid, IUIs, & an exploratory lap.  I also miscarried 3 times.  I gave up.  After a low glycemic diet (to lose 10 lbs for a cruise), I "accidentally" got pregnant at 34.  I will never doubt the importance of nutrition on fertility again!  In fact, in my case, it helped when medical treatments didn't!  So, do you feel the same way?  How do you feel about nutrition & fertility?

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