feeling like a bad mom 😢

So the last 24 hours have been the toughest 24 hours I've had with my 6 week old baby girl since I brought her home. She's slept maybe 6 hours since 7am yesterday. I couldn't figure out why to save my life, she was eating every hour and could not be soothed. Well at 4am I finally just thawed some frozen breast milk and gave her a bottle which she guzzled down, I had to thaw a second bottle! Well I pumped for the first time since Monday morning and I only got two ounces, and i normally get around 6. She hadn't nursed since 1 so it had been plenty of time. I thought I had gotten my period back over the weekend and I've read that can dip your supply so I think I was starving the poor girl 😭 Long story short I'm debating stopping  nursing and switching to formula, then I would have known she wasn't getting anything to eat. As all of you are aware nursing is demanding, and I hate pumping, but I love the bond I have with my daughter while she nurses and she loves the nurse!  I feel like I'd be taking something away that she loves if I stop but she was so miserable from hunger last night I never want that to happen again. 😢