What is your input....

Am I overthinking or no? 
For those who followed my previous post about me being with my husband even though another woman is pregnant, this is a question regarding that situation. 
 I know at some point they're going to have to talk about the specifics about baby and how everything will be handled with him. Me and my husband agreed they should talk on the phone or in a public place. Well, she finally asked him about it today, but in her message she said she wanted for him to come over her house at night. He messaged back saying that they could talk on the phone or go somewhere to talk, because there's really no reason to go over her house since the baby isn't here yet. Anything about him at this point could be talked about it over the phone or somewhere public.. It was a little back and forth, but she kept insisting and seemed pressed that he come over her house some night. He finally said, "that's not a good idea". She finally said okay, but to let her know if he changes his mind and wants to come over. I feel she has an ulterior motive, but I am in my feelings so I wanted yalls thoughts. 
I'm really not trying to be difficult or anything like that, that's why I like outside unbiased opinions. 
Please no comments about how I'm crazy for being with him etc, I've already heard that before. TIA !