So much love, it feels terrifying sometimes.

Kasey • I'm 29, bi, married. I wrote here at 25, we talked about family and would be TTC by now but he’s not ready (34 yrs old).
Love-overload!!! Anyone else get that feeling?
We have such a great, happy, and loving relationship. I've had many many many relationships, ( some abusive, some serious, some casual ), but I never used to believe in "the one".
Now that I feel it's "the one", I get terrified, like imposter syndrome "is this really happening" feeling. I feel on top of a cloud, (and also scared when I look down from the cloud at the height), is the best analogy I can think of.
I'm suddenly finding myself for the first time considering marriage and trying so hard to advance my career, so we could also maybe have a family. But it's almost like I didn't think those things could happen to me (maybe not emotionally ready?) I'm 25 years old, and he's 30. So I'm telling myself it can happen slowly, just go with the flow, and breathe. He's super committed, I never thought I could deserve something so good? 
It's probably some kind of quarter life crisis growing pains! Anyone else ever get this feeling of love-overload?