People I should let go or should I keep

So I've been working for 12 years at a particular hospital in the city. I start was a Turkish co worker that I considered my friend until recently feel like she's just a traitor.  Other co workers have told me on separate occasions that she was bad mouthing me every chance she got and talking horribly to my boss about me. (More than one coworker has told me this) So I chose to see things for myself and I see the shade but I times I feel like I'm overthinking it.  I invited her and the rest of my young coworkers that I thought would come to my 30th birthday celebration however she was the only one to show up no one else showed up. She came and she didn't chip in with anything to help out to pay for the bill at all.  She told that she could help because she was broke.  Then I was invited to her birthday bash and she expected me to pay for everything she ordered because it was her birthday . I didn't because I couldn't and she knew it. I couldn't because I was a maid of honor at another friend of mine wedding which I had to spend at lot for.  I didn't know that the next day she bad mouthed me at work.  She told everyone at work that I order a whole bunch of food and when the bill came that I didn't want to pay for anything which was completely untrue.  Everyone thought that I did that purposely.  So following that situation other people had birthday parties and baby showers and I have been uninvited from everything .  Butt hey Snapchat it to make sure I see. Is this a friend or a foe??? I would like your opinions.