Fertility nurse told me I was testing wrong? UPDATE

Hey ladies, I wanted to get opinions on a recent experience I had with my fertility clinic. 
On 1/23 (cd3) I started femera. Took it through day 7 and started testing with opks  on cd10. 
As soon has I recieved my first "high" (blinking smiley), I started testing with fmu and in the evening. On cd14 2/3 at around 8pm I got a "peak" (solid smiley). 
I called me doctors office to let know (left a message). A nurse called back at 630 am asking why I was testing at night. I told her they didn't tell me otherwise and what would it hurt? She told me that I shouldn't do that and I guess I need to come in this morning to confirm with blood work. 
Normally they need to see you before 9am for this but apparently on weekends it's 7:15am. She asked if I could get in before 7:15 and I said no, I live 45 mins away and I'm still in bed. She said ok well then have sex for 3 days and call us on cycle day one..."click"
I then got up and tested with a non digital opk and it wasn't positive. I tested everyday for the next week and I didn't get a positive again.
I feel like if I hadn't tested at 8pm Friday then I would have missed my surge!? 
Am I wrong?
That nurse made me feel like I completely f'ed up and now I'm out for this month 😞