Clomid + Timed Intercourse?

Forgive me as I'm not too savvy with the acronyms yet. 
I was told on Friday that my second <a href="">IUI</a> was unsuccessful. 😔 Due to my husband's work schedule, we can't do assisted fertility the next two months. 
I swore friends/acquaintances had told me they did Clomid, plus timed intercourse at home but my nurse said our Dr. doesn't allow medications without monitoring bc of the likelihood of multiples. 
Is there an option I'm missing out on that I should ask a protocol for that wasn't 100% clear when I was talking with those friends/acquaintences, or is it this particular Doctor that doesn't allow it? 
I feel like I'd like some sort of fertility assistance through April, if possible, you know? After that, we might opt for <a href="">IVF</a>.