No sleep? 18 and dark circles forming?

Sooo I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately like for the past few months due to me balancing doing a lot and I could do it at first but now it just feels like I'm breaking down and my body is rejecting doing anything and I'm lacking motivation and over all just don't feel very good mentally. So I looked at my eye and under one there's this really dark crease forming. Was alittle sore at first but I can't feel it now. Could that be from lack of sleep over time? I'm only 18 so I thought the dark circle was weird but I'm balancing high school classes, college classes(duel enrolled), a job, band for school, and relationship. And not to mention just normal stressful everyday situations. I've been letting band fall off and I feel bad but I am just overwhelmed...slacking on work a bit too but I try to put my school and relationship first cause those mean a lot to me. But anyways is the dark circle from lack of sleep? Any advice?