My mom is getting on my last nerves already!

i just want to punch her on the mouth... I live with my parents still im 22 years old i have a boyfriend.. we are trying to get an apartment ASAP due to our parents... They are so rude to us! even though we have both 2 jobs and going to college... so basically my mom has been annoying me lately with her  "i wanna be a grandma already " syndrome. i got the IUD last week because i dont want kids for awhile when im like 40. i told my mom this but she keeps bugging me still like wtf? can i just have a mom that won't talk about things like this and talk about me studying to be a RN. ? I could care less about a baby right now.. Seriously.. Why is she still bringing it up? she literally tells everyone that "everyone is beating me on being a grandma"  blah blah ugh i'm her oldest so she blames me for everything.... i just want to commit suicide from this