My Experience: Incest with my Sister

I know there will be lot of people who will judge me today. But I want to share my experience. When I was growing up me and my older sister started kissing each other just while playing. But then it got serious and we started making out all the time when nobody was around. But when we grew up we stopped since we were into guys and didn't want this to continue. Now we have a normal relationship. That's why never judge. Whatever happened was just between me and my sister. We didn't hurt anybody. And now we have a normal relationship. That's why I tell myself that I didn't do anything seriously wrong. And I am proud of my older sister. She is the best oldet sister anybody can get. I just wanted to get this out of my chest. If any of you had any similar experience please share here and let me know what you think about your own experience. Are you okay with what you did or you seriously regret beacuse ot changed everything?