have you been hit on while being noticeably pregnant?

So yes pregnancy is a beautiful thing but I personally think it's weird how some guys have like a fetish for pregnant women that's not their SO. Like I can see it being attractive to my SO because I'm carrying his baby. Anyways this guy I'm friends with like always asks to see my belly which I thought um okay I usually wouldn't respond. Then he's been asking to send him sexy pictures and pretty much said it'd be fun to fuck me and he wishes I could go back in time to make him my baby daddy! Like dude chill lol. And he has a girlfriend! I just didn't say anything back to him. But there's also another guy I use to hook up before my boyfriend and he knows as well I'm pregnant and he asks me all the time to come over(obviously meaning to have sex). Like I just think it's weird I'm pregnant with another mans baby and I'm still with him! And I don't have my hot body like I use to anymore lol. Have you been hit on while noticeably  pregnant? What do you say to guys who do that?
(And no I don't even say anything to these guys they seriously randomly hit me up being pretty straight forward. And I don't ever make it seem like I'm interested because I'm definitely not.)