Feeling like I'm at rock bottom...


Feeling so low right now. I live my own life married to my best friend but I'm battling social issues with my mum and her alcohol abuse and I've recently got social services involved because the welfare of my siblings means the world to me. She's given me abuse over the phone tonight dealing out threats towards me and calling me some very hurtful things- she's drinking daily and so this is on a daily basis now.

Me and my husband have everything to offer a baby but days like this really make me questionn how fair it would be to bring another life into this stress. Addiction is so selfish. I can't grasp the concept. I know what I've done is the right thing it's just I'm getting some serious backlash from my actions.

Shes still my mum it breaks my heart to think ill nevet speak to the old mum again. It's in my nature to worry and care too much. Sorry not ttc/sex related. I needed to vent. It's putting pressure on my marriage just trying to keep my head held high. ❤ rant over sorry ladies I realise this is not what this forum is for, tomorrow is another day xx