Husband is a Poker addict!

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My husband is a poker addict, at least that what I think. He would spend his free time (when he has money or got payed) playing poker online or live at a poker club. He spend almost all his paycheck (in a stay at home mom of 3). Every month we are right on money and always have to scrape pennies to buy food and diapers because he would lose at least 1/3 of his paycheck! I'm so tired of this, i had to sell couple of my stuff to have money to buy food. He also maxed out our debit card to buy online money to play and lost! Now we have a car loan and I Pawned my watch so we could get his licence back and have food money. I'm so scared he will put us in deeep shit! I know that he spend money that we don't have on poker! But he won't admit it. He change his bank account password so I don't see what's going on.