ugh I'm so stupid help 😪

I'm 17 and I have severe anxiety. 
I have anxiety because of my parents. They have basically raised me up to think that nothing a penis can get me pregnant. 
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. And we have just now started to become sexually active. 
I refuse to perform vaginal sex because I am so scared of becoming pregnant, but last night we did have anal sex. And of course, here I am, scared as always making myself sick and shake. 
When we had anal sex he didn't ejaculate anywhere near my vagina. I am just purely scared of pre-seminal fluid. I am terrified of the thought of it being on his fingers and then he fingered me or if there was some precum on the tip of his penis that might've possibly grazed over my vulva or something. 
I am currently in my fertile window, so I am extremely terrified. 
Also on the 4th and the 9th we saw each other but the only way I could've gotten pregnant from those days would've been precum on his fingers which then entered me. 
Last night I do remember that he did urinate before we did anything. 
I am so scared. 
Also I am having yellow-tinged cm which everyone is saying is a sign of pregnancy..please help 😔